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We like to think of ourselves as pragmatic optimists. We believe the world could and should be a fairer place and this is what guides the work we do.

But we know from experience that there is usually more than one side to a story - and more than one way to get something done. So when confronted with a problem we try to put pre-conceptions aside. We tend not to make snap judgments about who is right and who is wrong. Instead, we look at things from different angles, listen to different points of view, weigh up different options and work with our clients to figure out the optimal response.

We are innovative, creative and thorough. We love an intellectual challenge and apply extremely high standards to everything we do. We like to think creatively - to challenge conventional ideas about how the law should be - but always from a background of solid legal understanding.

We are frank, robust and straightforward in all our business dealings. If we see a problem ahead - or if we think a strategy is flawed or wrong-headed - we will say so.

We feel privileged to do the work we do. And this is reflected in the way we approach each assignment. You will find us friendly, enthusiastic, reliable and hardworking - and positively fizzing with ideas.




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